Shakespeare’s Globe Theater stole my heart | Take note and go.

Some people accuse it to be a waste of space, some others answer back highlighting its importance as a cultural centre in the city of London: I simply say I like this place and I willingly could spend my time in it, quoting the bag I bought there as a souvenir.

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PIE AND MASH | Food discovery.

Having a Pie & Mash is a must when you visit London.
It might be an objective fact or just my proletarian soul which is giving life to these words and thoughts, but this dish is a true blessing for humanity, the best food you can get after a long and tiring day spent wandering around London. It is a relief for your stomach and soul, a cuddle for your heart

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SCOTCH EGGS | Food discovery.

Blame on me, I didn’t know about the existence of this great human invention before my travel to London. 

During my stay in the Queen’s hometown, I must admit I had a little trouble looking for typical food to try. As far as I could observe, British cuisine is not as rich as other countries’, but they definitely know where to hit and Scotch Eggs is absolutely one of my favourite food discoveries ever.
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