The Making of a Gimbap with a Korean mom

Preparing 김밥 Gimbap with a Korean mom

During my time as an exchange student in South Korea, I surely had the chance to meet beautiful people who enriched my life with unforgettable encounters and loving memories. Other than getting the chance to visit beautiful places and get in touch with a lifestyle and culture so different from the one I was used to, I was also lucky enough to make friends with some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met in my life so far. One of them is Jihyeon, a bright and talented Korean girl who opened the doors of her house and welcomed me in her family.

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용마랜드 Yongma Land, South Korea | Take note and go.

When I was first introduced to 용마랜드 Yongmaland, I remember I felt particularly confused. I had never heard about it before, and when I was suggested by a Korean friend to reach an abandoned amusement park and have a walk there, I had no clue why someone should ever recommend a place like that for a day trip and, above all, why someone should ever accept. 
However I did it, and thanks to my curious attitude I visited one of the most IN places in Seoul for Instagrammer wannabes and more.
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LAKE BLED, Slovenia | Travel Chronicles.

Lake Bled undoubtedly is a dream destination for many travellers, due to its romantic and scenic landscape which perfectly combines with a considerable number of attractions of any kind. At long last, I finally had the opportunity to take part in its unexpected autumnal magic, and today I’m here to share with you my experiences and thoughts on this Alpine gem.
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O’ RRAU’, alias il ragù napoletano

You have probably heard of the “ragù alla Bolognese”, the typical pasta sauce prepared with minced meat and a sauteed mix of vegetables which put the city of Bologna on the world map. It is one of the evergreens in Italian restaurants and you can easily find this pasta sauce in every supermarket all over Italy and even abroad, but just a few people are aware of the Neapolitan variation of this dish,  locally known as ‘o rraù napulitano.

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Würstel and fries on pizza is a real thing in Italy.

I believe anyone who was lucky enough to interact with someone coming from Italy must have experienced the purest feeling of hatred when the-food-which-cannot-be-named is brought up in the conversation. I’m obviously talking about the worldwide famous Hawaiian pizza, or la pizza con l’ananas as a few brave fellow citizens dare to pronounce.

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Il cimitero delle fontanelle might be the creepiest place on earth | Take note and go.

Going to Napoli on Halloween time? Looking for spooky spots which can creep you out during your trip to Italy? YOU ARE READING THE RIGHT POST, my dear crazy reader!

Napoli is not only about the Vesuvio, the sea, the best pizza and tens of foods which are a real attempt to your diet projects. They certainly play an important role in making this city one of the unmissable destinations, but Napoli has a lot more to offer. Think about something you’d like to visit somewhere in the world and this city will please you: it basically has anything you would be willing to visit, included a cave full of well-disposed bones and skulls. Read More

DMZ, South Korea | Travel Chronicles.

Visiting the DMZ has always been my dream, ever since I started cultivating a certain interest in the Korean political situation. I was indeed fascinated by the history of these two countries, the divergences in their current lifestyle, culture and language; I was intrigued by the relationship they established throughout the years and its slow changes that finally led to the celebrated meeting of the last 18th of April. This topic had always had a heavy emotional impact on me and when I was offered the chance to visit the Demilitarized Zone, namely the border area corresponding to the 38th parallel separating the two Koreas, I didn’t hesitate and immediately paid for the tour. Read More

SCAZZETTA, a cake made in Salerno

The food discovery I am going to talk about today is pretty unknown, even amongst Italian people. The reason for this unfair anonymity is due to the fact Scazzetta is a signature cake which is exclusively made in a pastry shop in Salerno.
Considering that Salerno is not one of the most popular destinations in Italy or, if it is known, it is regarded as a mere point of support to visit the Amalfi coast on a budget, it makes sense if many people ignore what this city has to offer.

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ECOnscious travels | An introduction to my very first blog column

September 2018: I type the so-called eco words on Google and a new world unfolds before my eyes.

If I were asked, I wouldn’t be able to explain how and why I suddenly developed an interest in the ethical lifestyle, but I guess it’s something common to everyone who uncovers the Maya veil and discovers what used to be concealed by simple lack of knowledge.
The process is simple: it only requires a dull moment, a faint but alluring voice in your head and a research engine. A dollop of intrinsic thirst for knowledge certainly plays an important role, but free time and boredom ultimately are the fundamental ingredients.
So it happened: I typed some eco keywords on the search bar and I let the internet open my eyes to the ecological matter. Read More