Shakespeare’s Globe Theater stole my heart | Take note and go.

Some people accuse it to be a waste of space, some others answer back highlighting its importance as a cultural centre in the city of London: I simply say I like this place and I willingly could spend my time in it, quoting the bag I bought there as a souvenir.

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MONTRÉAL, Québec | Travel Chronicles.

The first thing I would say if they asked me to describe Montréal is “it’s like New York City, but smaller”.
There is a high chance I just talk no sense since I have never been to NY, but this is the impression I had considering the typical landscape I get to enjoy in movies set in the Big Apple.

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STRUFFOLI | Food discovery.

For today’s blog post I chose to talk about one food in particular which makes the 24th of December the most special day in my life: struffoli, the ultimate Neapolitan dessert during Christmas time.
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PUOK BURGER | Food discovery.

Folks say Napoli is the best place on Earth for food, and Puok Burger Store gave a new proof to this statement: people here know how to play with food, and they do it well.

The food discovery I am going to talk about today might seem inappropriate, considering burgers are an American food, but trust me when I say this is one of the most typical thing you can savor during your stay in Napoli: Puok Burger is not just selling common burgers, it provides something unique. But before talking about the food in detail, I must share with you the story of this place.

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Rione Fornelle and its painted poetry | Take note and go.

That day I got lost and I found myself wandering around neighbourhoods of Salerno I had never been to before, I discovered an incredible place where I could enjoy street art and get overwhelmed by the beauty of verses written on walls. I didn’t simply walk around forgotten areas of the city, I roamed through poetry.
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PIE AND MASH | Food discovery.

Having a Pie & Mash is a must when you visit London.
It might be an objective fact or just my proletarian soul which is giving life to these words and thoughts, but this dish is a true blessing for humanity, the best food you can get after a long and tiring day spent wandering around London. It is a relief for your stomach and soul, a cuddle for your heart

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Letting a 16 years old kid drive during a snow storm sounds okay in Québec

March 2015.
That year I had the chance to travel to Québec for a school project. I was attending the fifth and last year of a Linguistics High School, and the reason why I found myself lost in the Canadian snow was linked to my commitment to a French drama club. My companions and I were indeed invited to join a theatre festival organised by a local high school, a big event in which people from all parts of Canada and a few more countries of other continents took part to live 3 days in the spirit of cultural exchange and love for theatre.
A nice and innocent experience you may say, but it actually turned out to be one of the most thrilling and dangerous ones I could ever live.

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SACHERTORTE | Food discovery.

The wise says chocolate is the solution to every life’s problem, and I never thought I could possibly make it my motto that day I was freezing in the streets of Vienna.

It was a cold and dark afternoon of January, all museums were about to close and I had no idea where to seek refuge, until I saw a sign with ‘Cafe Sacher‘ written on it.
I had already heard about that place, every web page would quote it when you type ‘best Sacher in Vienna’ on google, but that day it looked like the most beautiful of revelations.

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POSTOJNSKA JAMA, Slovenia | Travel Chronicles.

I personally believe Slovenia is one of the most underrated countries in Europe: it has so much to offer and so little people know about its treasures. 
The first time I had the fortune to get to know a little more about this country was on the 16th of April 2017, when my family and I decided to get in the car and celebrate Easter in an uncommon way, by visiting the Postojnska jama (Postojna cave in English).
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SCOTCH EGGS | Food discovery.

Blame on me, I didn’t know about the existence of this great human invention before my travel to London. 

During my stay in the Queen’s hometown, I must admit I had a little trouble looking for typical food to try. As far as I could observe, British cuisine is not as rich as other countries’, but they definitely know where to hit and Scotch Eggs is absolutely one of my favourite food discoveries ever.
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