SACHERTORTE at Cafe Sacher: is it worth the illegal queue?

The wise say chocolate is the solution to every life’s problem, and I never thought I could possibly make it my motto that day I was freezing in the streets of Vienna.

It was a cold and dark afternoon of January, all museums were about to close, and I had no idea where to seek refuge until I saw a sign with ‘Cafe Sacher‘ written on it.
I had already heard about that place, hence every web page would quote it when you type ‘best Sacher in Vienna‘ on Google, but that day it looked like the most beautiful of revelations.

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WIEN, Austria | Travel chronicles.

Best known for its Sachertorte, Vienna is the favourite destination for those who love Christmas markets, museums and history… But Christmas markets more than anything. 

I reached Vienna on the 1st of January 2017, after a 12 hours long train ride. Spending the New Year’s Eve in a train carriage wasn’t ideal, I agree, but at least I gave the chance to the future me to tell her kids and grandchildren I experienced it. Not less important, I made friends with a couple of Korean guys who offered to my fellow traveller and I a bottle of apple flavoured soju, which we enjoyed while watching fireworks in the distance. All is well that ends well, may I say. Read More