The Making of a Gimbap with a Korean mom

Preparing 김밥 Gimbap with a Korean mom

During my time as an exchange student in South Korea, I surely had the chance to meet beautiful people who enriched my life with unforgettable encounters and loving memories. Other than getting the chance to visit beautiful places and get in touch with a lifestyle and culture so different from the one I was used to, I was also lucky enough to make friends with some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met in my life so far. One of them is Jihyeon, a bright and talented Korean girl who opened the doors of her house and welcomed me in her family.

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Würstel and fries on pizza is a real thing in Italy.

I believe anyone who was lucky enough to interact with someone coming from Italy must have experienced the purest feeling of hatred when the-food-which-cannot-be-named is brought up in the conversation. I’m obviously talking about the worldwide famous Hawaiian pizza, or la pizza con l’ananas as a few brave fellow citizens dare to pronounce.

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The truth behind the bidet

Today I want to reveal you, my dear innocent and unaware reader, what truly lies in the presence of that small and apparently inoffensive sink in Italian bathrooms: THE BIDET.

Naive people believe it is just a plumbing fixture Italians use to wash their genitalia, but this is just the poorest of possible descriptions: the bidet, as it is perceived by Italian people, is the emblem of our race superiority

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Letting a 16 years old kid drive during a snow storm sounds okay in Québec

March 2015.
That year I had the chance to travel to Québec for a school project. I was attending the fifth and last year of a Linguistics High School, and the reason why I found myself lost in the Canadian snow was linked to my commitment to a French drama club. My companions and I were indeed invited to join a theatre festival organised by a local high school, a big event in which people from all parts of Canada and a few more countries of other continents took part to live 3 days in the spirit of cultural exchange and love for theatre.
A nice and innocent experience you may say, but it actually turned out to be one of the most thrilling and dangerous ones I could ever live.

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Singapore might have a deal with cutlery

As weird as it may sound, the first culture shock I got to experience in Singapore concerned cutlery… Or the absence of one element, to be precise. For those who don’t know, people in Singapore use both chopsticks and western cutlery. The use of one or the other tableware depends on the restaurant, kind of food and cuisine you choose, but what I could notice during my three trips in the so-called ‘Lion City’ is the constant absence of a utensil I consider essential during my meals: the knife.

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