ECOnscious travels |An introduction to my very first blog column

September 2018: I type the so-called eco words on Google and a new world unfolds before my eyes.

If I were asked, I wouldn’t be able to explain how and why I suddenly developed an interest in the ethical lifestyle, but I guess it’s something common to everyone who uncovers the Maya veil and discovers what used to be concealed by simple lack of knowledge.
The process is simple: it only requires a dull moment, a faint but alluring voice in your head and a research engine. A dollop of intrinsic thirst for knowledge certainly plays an important role, but free time and boredom ultimately are the fundamental ingredients.
So it happened: I typed some eco keywords on the search bar and I let the internet open my eyes to the ecological matter.

In the first stage, I was pervaded by an intense feeling of power: while I was reading and learning about the negative environmental and social impact caused by our current lifestyle, I was offered with numerous solutions which could smoothen the problem and lead to a positive change. The researches were indeed providing me with a broad scope of alternatives to the unsustainable lifestyle, ranging from the reduction of the littering and pollution to the possible ways to avoid fast-fashion.  But the initial excitement, fueled by the realization I could make a positive impact on our world, was followed by a deep feeling of disillusion and helplessness. As a matter of fact, the more I read the more I was hit by the saddest of truths: the individual action can’t win the battle if there isn’t a collaboration with governments and institutions. No matter how ethically flawless I can turn my lifestyle in, my single progress would be nulled by the general ignorance and the institutional indifference of the society I live in.
Because of this sad conclusion I initially gave up on my new good intentions, taken down by a sick mindset, the same sick mindset that reads before I was eager to fight against.

“Am I going to let it win, now that I know the truth of the matter?” Later in the day,  I asked myself.
At that moment I was conscious of how the world was currently working and affecting billions of lives, with regards both to the present and unfortunately future generations, but at the same time, I was aware of the microscopic impact my life change would have had on the fate of our planet.
It was certain, my single effort would have meant nothing if compared to the whole activity of the society I’m living in, but then I questioned myself again: “what if your small step leads to another, slightly bigger step?”. After all, no revolution found its sediment in social cooperation, but from the action of a handful of pioneers. As a matter of fact, revolution grows and gains strength through the awareness of an increasing number of people, until it breaks through the indifference of political and social institutions. Cooperation is fundamental for the final result but the individual stance is necessary for a kick-start.

With this new perspective, I finally decided not only to begin a new path leading to the improvement of my lifestyle, but also to make my tiny but significant change by positively influencing the people around me. In doing so I started sharing with my family this new interest of mine and asked them to make some small adjustments on our lifestyle, followed by my friends and finally, the blog came to my mind: what better way than the exposure the deep web can offer? Even though my audience is super limited, I thought I still could make an impact, without regards to its extension: what matters is to take an action, because leading the change of the point of view of even one single person is a still a win towards progress.

So here I am, introducing my very first blog project related to ethical and sustainable travelling. Having built myself a travel blog, I indeed decided to combine my fancy for wandering around and the new concern for the ethical lifestyle to a column where I can discuss both. I definitely am not a professional, I too am daily learning how to make an ethical change of my lifestyle, but I thought I could share with whoever will run in my digital diary my improvements and new discoveries. Because only spreading the word and letting the largest number of people know about the alternatives to our current lifestyle, can lead to the desirable ethical and ecological switch in our society.

This was a short introduction to this tiny project I decided to dedicate myself to.
I’m still not sure about the frequency with which I will publish posts related to this topic, but I aim at making this column a monthly one. I hope you’ll find it interesting and enlightening, a nice kickstart to introduce some small but essential changes which can help our planet Earth!

Thank you for reading, see you in a next post.

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