Some people accuse it to be a waste of space, some others answer back highlighting its importance as a cultural centre in the city of London: I simply say I like this place and I willingly could spend my time in it, quoting the bag I bought there as a souvenir.

You might criticize the choice of reconstructing an emblematic place which has been destroyed by fire centuries ago, but nothing can be said about the project, the realization, the organization and the people who are passionately working in it.

20 years ago, when they chose to give life to a new Globe, they didn’t simply create a building which could be as much similar to the original one -even though they did a great job on this point-, but they offered to the city of London a new reason to be proud of. This building is a museum but, above all, is an alive theatre which daily houses plays both from Shakespeare and artists from all over the world.

When I first visited this beautiful place, I didn’t have many expectations. I had studied on my high school books this theatre had been fortuitously set on fire by Shakespeare’s troupe during a show, and I couldn’t imagine what I could possibly see in a place which wasn’t supposed to exist anymore.
As soon as the first part of the tour started, however, I understood I was very much mistaken.

The tour to the Globe only takes place in the morning time, until 12:30pm because of the theatre’s busy schedule. It is divided into two parts: the visit to the interactive museum and the guided tour to the heart of the Globe together with a guide. The price ticket is a bit high, but worth it if you consider the amazing experience you are going to live. (let me direct you to the official site, where you can find all the important info on the matter: )

The Globe’s museum is a fun place where you can discover more about the life of the British genius, the history of the Bankside area and the way theatres used to work in the past. As mentioned before, it’s an interactive place perfect for curious visitors of every age that won’t fail to surprise you.

The visit to the stalls area is accompanied by an entertaining guide who will display you the history of the new and the past Globes, tell nice curiosities about the Shakespeare’s audience and troupe, immerse you in the history of this emblematic place.
Having a tour guide is not the only way to get the chance to see it, there is a more intense experience which is offered to you: be part of the audience of one of the plays which daily take place in this theatre. My personal advice is to buy the cheapest ticket for only 5 pounds and stand in front of the stage. It may be a bit risky considering the typical rainy weather of London (on this matter, humans have fortunately invented raincoats!), but it surely is one of the most unusual experiences you can get in this city. 


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Born in 1996, Surply is the code name of a girl who loves to gallivant around the world and write on her blog about her encounters. She enjoys trying new foods, learning new languages and goofing about her exposure to different cultures as a creature irremediably born and raised in Italy.

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