Having a Pie & Mash is a must when you visit London.
It might be an objective fact or just my proletarian soul which is giving life to these words and thoughts, but this dish is a true blessing for humanity, the best food you can get after a long and tiring day spent wandering around London. It is a relief for your stomach and soul, a cuddle for your heart

The place where I had my personal taste of this simple, yet extremely appetizing dish was at Mother Of Mash, in Soho. There is plenty of options for any customer, whether you like revisited versions, you prefer it classic or you are vegetarian: whatever is your choice, it will only be for 10 quids -and if you ask for tap water, no money will be spent on drinks!
Full tummy and not that emptied wallet, more proletarian than this?



26 Ganton St, Soho, London W1F 7QZ, UK
Closest Metro Station: Oxford Circus Underground

Posted by:Surply

Born in 1996, Surply is the code name of a girl who loves to gallivant around the world and write on her blog about her encounters. She enjoys trying new foods, learning new languages and goofing about her exposure to different cultures as a creature irremediably born and raised in Italy.

3 replies on “PIE AND MASH, a treat for proletarian souls.

    1. STAY STRONG! I totally see that kind of nostalgia when you are abroad: I’m Italian and I live a real drama if I can’t eat pizza for more than a week!😰

      Cambodia is a beautiful place, you make me feel so envy!

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