SACHERTORTE | Food discovery.

The wise says chocolate is the solution to every life’s problem, and I never thought I could possibly make it my motto that day I was freezing in the streets of Vienna.

It was a cold and dark afternoon of January, all museums were about to close and I had no idea where to seek refuge, until I saw a sign with ‘Cafe Sacher‘ written on it.
I had already heard about that place, every web page would quote it when you type ‘best Sacher in Vienna’ on google, but that day it looked like the most beautiful of revelations.

I approached to the entrance, proud of my choice of seeking comfort in consumable calories, but there was an obstacle: an incredibly long queue of tourists willing to escape from a certain death caused by hypothermia. I lined up and I started waiting, continuously questioning the decision to expose myself to the strong and cold wind just to sit down in a fancy and warm place and consume a piece of Sachertorte. Today I would never question the opportunity to eat a cake, shame on the me of the past who dared to think it, but I must justify myself by reiterating how hard was the weather to bear.

After 40 minutes, I finally succeeded to get through the front door and defrost myself. The service was fast and as soon as the cake was on my plate ready to be devoured, I couldn’t help but dedicate one thought to the fellows still waiting outside the cafe and one to those masochists who live their life denying their appetites to be satisfied. 
Life is too short to fear calories, and your trip to Vienna would absolutely be a waste of time if you don’t gift yourself with a piece of Sachertorte.


Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
Metro U1 and U3:Stephansplatz
Metro U2: Karlsplatz

If you are curious to know more about my travel to Vienna, I suggest you check out my blog post where I talked about my experience there: WIEN, Austria | Travel chronicles😊

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