ECOnscious travels |An introduction to my very first blog column

September 2018: I type the so-called eco words on Google and a new world unfolds before my eyes.

If I were asked, I wouldn’t be able to explain how and why I suddenly developed an interest in the ethical lifestyle, but I guess it’s something common to everyone who uncovers the Maya veil and discovers what used to be concealed by simple lack of knowledge.
The process is simple: it only requires a dull moment, a faint but alluring voice in your head and a research engine. A dollop of intrinsic thirst for knowledge certainly plays an important role, but free time and boredom ultimately are the fundamental ingredients.
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The truth behind the bidet

Today I want to reveal you, my dear innocent and unaware reader, what truly lies in the presence of that small and apparently inoffensive sink in Italian bathrooms: THE BIDET.

Naive people believe it is just a plumbing fixture Italians use to wash their genitalia, but this is just the poorest of possible descriptions: the bidet, as it is perceived by Italian people, is the emblem of our race superiority

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부산 BUSAN, South Korea | Travel Chronicles.

The reason why I haven’t posted anything in the last 6 months or so is linked to the biggest event of my 2018, and possibly of my entire life so far: thanks to a scholarship won with a contest held by my University, I had the chance to study at Sungkyunkwan University, in Seoul, for one semester as an exchange student. Even though I had promised myself to keep up with my blog project, life, fortunately, hit me harder than expected: there wasn’t a day I was given to rest, I fully lived any single moment and experience I was offered. If on one side this meant to set aside the blog for months, on the other I collected so many memories that now I have plenty of topics and places to talk about in my digital diary.
Given the necessary introduction, I want to make my comeback today with a travel chronicle of my trip to Busan, in the hope it can usher in a new chapter of my blog!
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FIOCCO DI NEVE | Food discovery.

The food experience I am going to write about today is still set in Napoli, which we can unanimously proclaim as the gastronomic heaven on Earth. More specifically, il Fiocco di Neve (snowflake, in English) is a pastry which was prepared for the first time in Pasticceria Poppella by Ciro Scognamillo, who is currently carrying on his family enterprise which has been baking pastries in Rione Sanità since 1920.

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